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Camp during Covid. Ups, Downs, the Future?

By: Lawrence C. Harris (past Camp Jill Scott scholar/2021 Camp Jill Scott Staff)   It’s 2018, pulled aside and spoken to individually at camp by my counselors Taj and Alex, ¨ You have so much potential even at your age and when, not even if you become big in this world, we don’t want money, … Read more

Being Remote Is Safer and Schools Are Failures

Written By: Jemille Q. Duncan Many students have been irresponsible throughout this pandemic. For obvious reasons, I have no interest in being around them. But some students have no choice. Despite the pronounced risks, administrators are forcing students back into school. On the list of reasons not to return to school, the sheer size of … Read more

My Edges Don’t Define Me

by Denise Garrison For centuries, black women have been known for the creativity of their hair. They can be whoever they want to be in an instant. From wigs, extensions, braids, big natural hair, twists, short cuts, and more. There is no limit to what black women can do with their hair. In addition, we … Read more

The Campers I’ll Never Have

by Alex Alford The title is a hard one to read, but the reality behind it tops that. Every summer I have the privilege of working with Camp Jill Scott. I get to meet kids from all different parts of North Philly and help create memories that they will live with for the rest of … Read more

This Summer

by Alex Alford A lot happened last summer. We all have scars and wounds that we are still dealing with. Questions that still are unanswered and court cases piling up about if these black people deserved to be slaughtered. A year later the citizen’s app is the real reason everyone’s faces are so glued to … Read more

Self Love Letters for the Soul

by Bee I will love myself;all the good and the bad.Realize when I should stand up for myself.Strengthen my bride and backbone.Smile hard – and laugh harder. I will compliment myself.Like the way my eyes light up when excited.The softness of my hair, my skin.All those little expressions I make –the good, the silly, the … Read more

Dope 2021 Summer Programs

As the warmer weather sets in, we are excited to share resources and programs to keep young people engaged and motivated this summer! Camp Jill Scott (August 9-20) Camp Jill Scott is looking for North Philly Leaders entering the 4th – 8th grades! Camp will run August 9 – 20, 2021 Monday to Friday 10:00 … Read more

As Black Folk, It’s Become Our Job to Adapt Quickly in a Society That’s Made for Us to Fail

by Bee Earlier, me and a friend were talking about the reality that us black folks live with and the reality that many others – both non poc and poc, seem to fail to recognize. During that time, I visibly grew frustrated and passionate with my wording. I voiced how tiring it was to live … Read more


by Bee My hair is me – an entity;Showing me the royalty that came before me.Royalty that lived on for centuries before meeting tragedy.A self proclaimed crown, stating we are Boss;Be it in locs, braids, or a fro.My hair is a movement with movementsof its own prerogative. It gives life to me and everything to who … Read more

The Voices of the Unheard: The Generation that will Breathe.

By: Kayla Taylor  Logan Square, Center City ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.     You’ve seen them on the news, and your social media are filled with the hashtags; #GeorgeFloyd #NoJusticeNoPeace #BlackLivesMatter, and it’s safe to say this generation would rather go voiceless, than to be unheard. The youth have dominated the nation with their stories of bravery … Read more

A New Way

Growing up, most of us listened to people talk about how money should be our main focus. It was always a dialogue of, “That’s where the money is,” but what about the things we actually wanted to do? For a while, it almost seems pointless to have a plan for the future because people were … Read more

A Thought on Bullying.

Bullying is a thing that can be dated back to when time started. It is something most of us experience despite being the bully or the bullied. However, in stories of bullying today, they have an added variable. Bullying is no longer a thing that only happens physically; bullying happens on the different social media … Read more

The People and The Police

The job of a police officer is to ensure that the community is a safe space for those who live there. They are also there to help those who cannot help themselves and become a symbol of hope during our most troubled times. It is the job of the community, to support the police in … Read more

Dare to be Different

For a long time, we were only allowed to believe that the way we were supposed to carry ourselves was seen in media. The media painted a very clear and distinct picture of what the “perfect” person should be, and unfortunately, it was not a mold that everyone could fill. Another unfortunate outcome of this, … Read more

The Bond Between Music and School

Music is one of the most, if not the most, popular things in the world. It has a lot of influence on peoples daily lives, and can sometimes be the root of change we see in our communities. In addition to music being the cause of change, music is also a product of our journies. … Read more

Let’s Start Saving!

Saving money is a hard thing to do. Especially, when there are tons of bills and other miscellaneous factors that go into your money depleting. As adults, there are times when we program this idea of saving into our youth, but what does saving actually look like? What are the steps to help someone save? … Read more

Representation Matters

Growing up, I wanted to be like Static Shock. He was a fictional superhero, who was a regular teenager that had superpowers. For a while, I wanted to be like him. I went around acting as if I had his powers but the only difference was I could not fly around on a floating disk. … Read more

Through the Eyes of Lawrence

With all of the various factors in the world, children often forget about things that require imagination. Things like Dungeons and Dragons, and Yu-Gi-Oh seem like a thing of the past. Then you encounter youth, like Lawrence, who reminded you why your imagination is still apart of life. Lawrence, who is a 13 year old … Read more

How can the black community become more unified?

On almost every corner there is a possibility that you will see one of two things: either a Chinese store or a “Papi Store.” But why is it that we seem to neglect the existing stores, clothes, food and other crafts created by our own? Too often we get wrapped up into things, beyond our … Read more

Changing Times

I miss those days when I walked down the street and noticed kids on every part of the block. I miss the sounds of innocent laughter, the sound of “Tag! You’re it,” and the sound of the rope hitting the ground as the young girls singing on beat. I miss the feelings and vibes of … Read more

Lets Talk, Math.

Picture, when you are at the dining room table helping your child with their homework. Then, when it is time for Math, the energy level drops and you find them completely uninterested; the only thing you can do is ask “Why?” Why are students less interested when it comes to math? Could it be the … Read more

The Legacy of Arnetta Johnson

Story and images by The Berklee Groove. When I first met Arnetta Johnson, I wasn’t sure what to do. I was an observant first semester, who had already ascertained the high level of respect and reverie she had from her peers and the faculty. Most seniors I had met up until that point had been arrogant, … Read more

ART(IS) 4KIDS expands its programming

Story and images by The Philadelphia Sun. ART(IS) 4 KIDS — a nonprofit arts organization– is expanding. After its jam-packed “Poets & Painters” opening at Open Space in January, it followed up with a children’s arts event at the Jill Scott’s Blues Babe Foundation. They returned to Open Space for another arts event on Saturday, … Read more

STEM: Kids In Under-Served Communities Go To Free Camp Thanks To Jill Scott

Video by CBS Philly   Kate Bilo gives us an inside look at the camp.

North Philly Middle Schoolers Have Outdoor Fun Thanks To Jill Scott Summer Camp

Story and images by CBS Philly   PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Middle school children from North Philadelphia are getting a fun outdoor experience at Camp Jill Scott, courtesy of the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter. Her Blues Babe Foundation provides an annual week-long summer enrichment camp for under-served 4th-to-7th graders, according to Jill Scott Summer Camp Coordinator Synae … Read more

Grammy-winning singer Jill Scott provides free camp for N. Philly kids

Story and images by   In the early morning, before the sun starts to blaze, the girls and boys who get dropped off at the Blues Babe Foundation on North Broad Street, across from the old Uptown Theater, are quiet. It is 8:20 a.m., and 32 children, ages 10 to 15, are sleepy-eyed and … Read more