The People and The Police

The job of a police officer is to ensure that the community is a safe space for those who live there. They are also there to help those who cannot help themselves and become a symbol of hope during our most troubled times. It is the job of the community, to support the police in whatever way they can and have the backs when they need it most. However, over the last few years, the trust between the people within the community and the police have become something to question.

Within recent times, there have been a number of people who fell victim to police brutality. These events happen, and the community is left to figure out the pieces to the puzzle. We are told different stories, both fiction, and non-fiction, and due to the vast amount of stories, we cannot determine what’s right and what’s wrong. Then, the community begins to hurt and lose trust because all we see is a report of someone dying at the hands of those who are meant to protect us. How can we put our trust and hope into these beings, who have caused so much documented hate? Or, can we repair the damage that has been etched deep into our psyche? These are questions not only the community needs to think about, but also the lawmakers, politicians and other government officials. How can we mend the relationship?

First, there should be a conversation between the police and the people of the communities they serve. Each party should lay out why they have a difficult time fulfilling their end of the relationship. Second, we as a community have to understand that not every police officer is out to get us. While the thought of never knowing who has a heart of gold is a thing, we must understand that all police have different views. On the flip side, police officers should start going into situations understanding that a lot of people within the community are hurt and scared. The emotions come from constantly witnessing our brothers and sisters put away or killed for unjust reasons. There is communication within the equation that needs to be had. At what point, and where, do we begin?

This is a topic that we have to begin to unpack and tackle. What are your thoughts? Do you think the relationship between the people of the community


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