Let’s Start Saving!

Saving money is a hard thing to do. Especially, when there are tons of bills and other miscellaneous factors that go into your money depleting. As adults, there are times when we program this idea of saving into our youth, but what does saving actually look like? What are the steps to help someone save? This is where we have to start thinking about how we can start helping the youth with this concept. As a community, there are many of us who understand the value of saving; there are a lot of us who have different methods of how to save, and we should pass those ideas and methods onto the next person.

It is important to show our youth the method of saving, and ways to save. Eventually, they will be on their own, independent and will soon face financial decisions they have to independently navigate. We should be comfortable watching them grow and evolve, not scared because of money. Another reason learning to save is important, the economy is changing every day. We have no real control over how the system shifts and changes; the purpose of coming together and teaching one another about saving is so we can all stay grounded, financially.

We should begin to develop community gatherings to bounce saving methods that both worked, and failed, to one another. We also should begin to see what other forms of financial help people need in the community. We all learn from someone and something. The purpose of the community is to hold one another accountable and making sure one another remain in a good space. As a community, we have to start making a change and getting back to being a unit again.

If you know any of any classes or organizations that deals with saving or financial advising, comment and let us know!


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