Dare to be Different

For a long time, we were only allowed to believe that the way we were supposed to carry ourselves was seen in media. The media painted a very clear and distinct picture of what the “perfect” person should be, and unfortunately, it was not a mold that everyone could fill. Another unfortunate outcome of this, it has created an opening for bullying of all types within our youth. This is not, and should not, be accepted.

The differences within all of us are what make us unique. Being different is okay. Too often, “being different” has a negative connotation attached to it and it should not. As a community, we should begin to help our youth develop their differences and turn them into something positive. We also need to help them understand that they should love who they are. Our differences are what will take them places and open new doors for their future careers. Teach them to build on their differences in a constructive way. On the flip side, we also must encourage our youth to be different. Their outside the box thought processes are what sometimes solves the problems.

We all must begin to love ourselves and our differences. We also must encourage one another to embrace those out of the norm ways and begin to feel a deeper connection within ourselves. Let’s keep shinning and growing in our own rights, but together!


Alex Alford

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