The Bond Between Music and School

Music is one of the most, if not the most, popular things in the world. It has a lot of influence on peoples daily lives, and can sometimes be the root of change we see in our communities. In addition to music being the cause of change, music is also a product of our journies. It allows us to demonstrate who we are in a different light, and it allows us to connect with the people we encounter daily. However, the music programs within our schools are becoming an extinct subject within the curriculums.

A school is a place where we are sent to expand our knowledge of various things both known and unknown. Unfortunately, that opportunity is dissipating every time a music program is taken away. Our youth are being hindered from fully expanding their interests, until college, because of the various factors they cannot control. We have to begin to change the narrative that the media writes. All our youth are shown is the fame and the fortune; the money and jewelry, but they are not shown the people who help make those things possible. We have to remind our youth that there are more things the world has to offer when it comes to the music industry. But, we have to begin to figure out where we can begin to change the direction this bond between music and school.

Maybe schools should consider treating music programs like the sports teams. All students have to maintain a certain grade, or GPA, to remain in the program. Or, schools should begin to branch out to different music organizations, across the community, to help fulfill the curiosity some of our youth may have. Another way we could help mend the bond is asking how we, as the community, can help the schools. We send our youth to these schools and we should be as involved with them as much as we can. There is more to schooling than science, math and reading; there is more to music than the fame and fortune. We must being to create a force to mend and shift the bond between music and school—better.

Why do you think schools decide to cut the music programs? How can we come together as a community to reconstuct the bond of music and school? Comment and let us know!


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