Changing Times

I miss those days when I walked down the street and noticed kids on every part of the block. I miss the sounds of innocent laughter, the sound of “Tag! You’re it,” and the sound of the rope hitting the ground as the young girls singing on beat. I miss the feelings and vibes of the old days. However, we all seem to have one friendly-enemy in common—Social Media. It allows us to create whatever persona we want, while neglecting the physical reality of our lives. We get sucked down the rabbit hole, while we scroll, one post at a time, forming an opinion about everything we see; yet, we know so little about the things we see.

Social Media has also given us a false sense of what “truth” is. We are entertained by these blogs who are experts in creating a narrative, just so we can all chime in as if our thoughts and opinions matter. Social media, ruins relationships, friendships and even those family bonds; it has become the root of most things tragic while still being a beacon of hope. But, how is it that this fictionalized reality, dominated a world in which is was non-existent? More importantly, how can we push our youth into being outside and active like the old days? Or, is it even possible to fuse the two? There are so many flaws in this social media thing that can be pointed out on this matter, but something must be done.

Moving forward, we must figure out a way to create a safe, and positive, route for those who believe virtual reality is the new way of the world. Let us know what you think! Do you think Social Media has become the only way for things to function as a whole? Or, can there be more done to ensure human interaction doesn’t become extinct? Comment, or email us at for ways that we could come together as a community and make a difference.


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