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Growing up, most of us listened to people talk about how money should be our main focus. It was always a dialogue of, “That’s where the money is,” but what about the things we actually wanted to do? For a while, it almost seems pointless to have a plan for the future because people were only worried about making money. Why should we plan for the future when we’ve been taught to just spend our money? This is where we have to create a new pathway, for our youth, to begin to learn how to use our money to create the comfortability they dream of.

The first comprehension turned habit, of how money is being used, begins within the household. Growing up, we watched and observed things we saw all the time. Youth now, notice and understand more than we can imagine. When we say, “I didn’t need it but I wanted it,” that translates on a deeper level. Then, our youth begin to develop the same mindset. Buying things that are not needed becomes more common than it should and the idea of actually putting their money into something is a foreign concept. As new generations come into the world, we have to begin to teach them the opposite. We have to teach them how to use their money so they can make more money. Teach them how to invest and the importance of investments as they continue in life. If the goals are to make money, we have to make sure they understand the basics of that mindset.

While money is a reward to “making it,” it should not be the only reward that is heavily acknowledged. We have to begin to invest in the moral lessons our youth and help them to understand their next plan of action. We also have to begin to teach them how to apply these lessons to their everyday lives, moving forward. Our youth should be well rounded when it comes to dealing with the outside world. There are people who thrive off of taking advantage of people; it is imperative that we teach our youth how to manage their own. We have to show them, the businesses they buy from can become a dream of their own. They can own things similar and add their own spin or flair to it. Just because your goal may already exist, your idea and vision are not shaped the same to get to the common goal. Go for it!

Money is good to have, but there are things that adds to the experience—that cannot be seen. Teach our youth, intimately, so they can prosper in this crazy place of a world.

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