How can the black community become more unified?

On almost every corner there is a possibility that you will see one of two things: either a Chinese store or a “Papi Store.” But why is it that we seem to neglect the existing stores, clothes, food and other crafts created by our own? Too often we get wrapped up into things, beyond our means, but because it is flashy and trendy—we want it. But, at what point do we begin to elevate the businesses closer to home? Being a part of the black community, this is a topic that often comes up and never really seems to be talked about on a deeper level. We have to ask the question: How can the black community become more unified? First, we must support the visions of the youth. In order for our community to unite, we have to support each other at every step of the way and allow the vision to unfold and manifest. We have to teach ourselves to give our opinions without attacking and being harsh. According to Cameron, a musician in the Philadelphia area, “Even if someone does not know what they are doing completely, I am going to support and watch them grow. I want us all to eat; there is no reason why we should not succeed,”

In recent days, I began to ask people this question: How can the black community become more unified? Thomas, 22 a rising Entrepreneur said,  “I believe if we teach and educate children about the power we have, show them our history…they may realize something needs to change.” Education is key. Another key factor in uniting the community is to instill the knowledge and accomplishments of those before us, into the youth. By doing these things, we can ensure that some change will take place. We must create a mentality where supporting the next person is acceptable and their individual dreams can be achieved too. We also must show them that what seems impossible, is indeed possible.

It is important to remember that there was a process we had to go through as we progressed through time. At one point, we all needed someone to help support us to make our dream can become reality. I think as a community we have to embrace the gems we have right in front of us. Although, The Chinese and “Papi” stores are nice to have in the community, but what about more black businesses within our communities? We have to give the youth more representation so they can become their own Entrepreneurs. Comment and let us know ways you think we can do better as a community, to ensure the growth of everyone.





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