About | Blues Babe Foundation


The Blues Babe Mission

“The brainchild of Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and poet Jill Scott, the Blues Babe Foundation was formed for the purpose of nurturing college-bound students of color, artistically and academically.”

The Blues Babe Foundation is committed to assisting students in under served communities by providing programs that promote leadership and academic excellence. The foundation’s scholarship program offers financial support and mentoring for students that have shown the aptitude and commitment to their education, but whose families may not have the resources to ensure completion of their undergraduate degrees. We also engage students in grades 6 – 12 through programs such as Camp Jill Scott and Clean Up Your Neighborhood. In addition to its support of young people through their public schools, the Foundation also fulfills its mission by including support of community centers and community -focused organizations as a part of its scope.


While the goal of the Foundation is to grow to be national in its reach, the initial focus is on students in distressed areas of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Camden, New Jersey; and the Delaware Valley. Not one to distance herself from her humble beginnings in Philadelphia, Jill was inspired by events in her own life to ensure that other deserving young people would not find their education stalled due to lack of financial support. With the formation of the Blues Babe Foundation, she is able to further manifest her long-term commitment to education and enrichment.

What is the Meaning of Blues Babe?

“Blues Babe” is the affectionate nickname given to Jill’s grandmother because of the bluish tint in her brown complexion. To this day, Blues Babe continues to provide inspiration for both her family and for others around her. Of her grandmother, Jill told Essence Magazine: “My grandmother came from a different era, a different time, telling her story without saying any words. She would hum while she cooked and cleaned. But more important, she would hum and sing praises. To have someone with that kind of “herstory” express herself without words is a kind of wealth that you can’t put any price on. Sometimes when I sing, I get close to that place. Then I can go deep into the history of who we are as a people.” That the Foundation was named in her grandmother’s honor serves as a reminder that multigenerational solutions to community problems not only link past to present, but can provide a roadmap for future success.